Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well, that and those 32DD's

Little Miss Straight Lace
By Maria Elizabeth Romana

I can honestly say that I wasn't impressed with the cover of this ebook (and physical book as well, if that's what you prefer), but I took a gamble and came out ahead. There is a large sample available on Amazon for those who are only daring enough to try the free sample, for those more bold, I suggest you splurge on this treat for $3.79.  

The author, Maria Elizabeth Romana, pulled me in with her female protagonist, a very strong, attitudinal, brilliant, at-times a potty mouth character, Josie.  The minor characters also bring something of interest to the table, and the author does a phenomenal job of transitioning from scene to scene without losing momentum.  An entertaining tale of romance and mystery, with bouts of humor throughout.    

Reviewers thus far have given Little Miss Straight Lace an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Also,  a 2010 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award Winner. 

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Suicide & 29,700,00,000 missing??

Treachery in Turtle Bay 
(A conspiracy thriller)
G.Hugh Bodell 

A 100%, 5-star rating on Amazon


“You can’t go out that way this morning, Mr. Masterson.”

This surprise restriction came from Mike, one of the security guys who protected the inhabitants of my apartment building on East 46th Street in New York City, about half a city block from the headquarters building of the United Nations.

I was about to take the shortcut to my office, in the fifteen-floor building owned by the Government of Uganda and housing the Ugandan Mission to the United Nations. My small contingent of consultants was occupying two floors in the building while we restructured the operations of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund over the preceding four plus years.

The service entrance to my building opened into a small park surrounded on three sides by high-rise apartments and East 45th street on the fourth side. My office was literally across the street.

“Why Mike, some group demonstrating?” I retorted. The area was constantly in turmoil being the assembly point of every group in the world with a gripe.

“You might say that Mr. M, some guy jumped out of the 20th floor of the building next door, wow, that’s almost in line with your windows. I guess you didn’t see anything?”

I made the mistake of looking past Mike, through the open door and into the park.

Apparently, the cleanup had not yet been completed, or possibly not yet begun. I could see the body bag on the ground next to one of the benches, but there were still small pools of blood on and around the bench. I saw small clumps of what possibly were pieces of his brain or some other body parts. I concluded this because they were circled in yellow chalk marks on the stone surface of the park.

More to clear my brain of the vision, I looked up to the trees in the park only to see what looked like a light colored silken robe. It was ripped but much of it had stuck in the branches of the fifty-foot trees that were all over the small park.

Now who the hell puts on a silk robe to jump out the twentieth story window of their apartment?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well, that's why they call it "ta-kill-ya"!

The Legend of Sasquatch 
By William T. Prince

 Prince tells a tale of "Sasquatch", not your typical 19 year old, caught between following his heart to become a cop, and some of the more unpleasant experiences he has found himself in the middle of, which despite his size, he is not sure he has the stomach for.  Set in the 1970's in Dallas, Prince tells an interesting story, with humor, and a decent attempt to make Sasquatch an unique protagonist.  "The Legend of Sasquatch" has a 93%, 5-star rating on Amazon.   

Product Description: 
Man or beast?  The same question asked about the mythical Sasquatch might be asked regarding its namesake, young Texan Clint Buchanan ("Buck Hannon")

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You're gonna freeze your hooters off!

Dating My Vibrator
By Suzanne Tyrpak

A combination of a great sense of humor, and an ability to actually write, makes Suzanne Tyrpak's collection of 9 short stories well worth the $2.99 price.  Women will definitely relate, while men will laugh and ponder whether they've done something similarly stupid in their past.  To her credit, Ms. Tyrpak hasn't created a stage where she is blaming men, she simply tells us many wonderful stories about the interactions that take place in today's dating world (Internet included :-)) between men and women.  Lucky for us, she has a good enough sense of humor to look back and laugh at herself and write about it.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hot Monkey Sex

An Unexpected Obsession
By Heidi Hall  

      Heidi Hall's prose brings back those good ol' teenager feelings towards our crush mixed with adult desires of steamy sex and so much more.  Told in a first person perspective, with at times, too many reflective "inner-self" type of questions, Hall tells a story that has played in many of our imaginations at one time or another.  That is the one where our celebrity crush actually wants us back. 
      "An Unexpected Obsession" currently has a 100%, 5-star review status.  There is a rather lengthy, 5 chapter sample available at Amazon, which ultimately hooked me and led to my purchase.  Definitely worth checking out!   
Product Description:

At thirty-five, Ava Scott has settled nicely into her quiet life. Successful author, college professor, what does it matter if she doesn't get out much? Passion really is overrated, isn’t it? Everything in her life is running smoothly until Cameron walks into her classroom.

Twenty-five and the biggest movie star to hit the big screen in years, Cameron Sloane has it all; Looks, fame, women, money. So why does his life feel like just another role he’s playing? Can a chance encounter with a shy bookworm awaken his sleeping heart?

Can Cameron break down the carefully constructed walls Ava has built? Can Ava survive Cameron’s overwhelming fame and having her life exposed in the tabloids? Will he find the life he never realized was all he really wanted? Will she discover a dream she has been too afraid to wish for?

Sex, love, betrayal: It all begins with an unexpected obsession.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Walk barefoot and the thorns will hurt you

Barefoot in Baghdad
By Manal Omar 

The intriguing cover, of a haunting, yet possibly beautiful Arab woman caught my attention, and the descriptions that followed held me there.  Also unique, is the fact that this book only has a few reviews thus far, with an 80%, 5-star rate, and yet has climbed to the Top 100 Paid Kindle list already.  I am certain that many more positive reviews will be following suit shortly.

Omar's writes with a powerful perspective of growing up throughout the southern United States and spending summers in the Middle East.  As an International Aid worker in Iraq from 2003-2005, she allows us westerners much more than a glimpse into a world far from our own, both distally and often-times morally.


Omar provides a rare glimpse into facets of Iraqi life not often described in American newspapers and magazines as she describes not only the dangers but also the joys, small and great. (Booklist 20100831)

"Giving both an insider's and an outsider's view of the unfolding drama of Iraq, the memoir should prove worthwhile reading for anyone who has a keen interest in developments in the Middle East." (Lois Henderson Book Pleasures )

"We gain a picture of Baghdad beyond the Green Zone and through the eyes of a bright, young, idealistic humanitarian."
(A Traveler's Library )

"You may not be able to lay Barefoot in Baghdad down for a while. This book will capture your interest." (South by Southwest )     

A riveting story of hope and despair, of elation and longing, Barefoot in Baghdad takes you to the front lines of a different kind of battle, where the unsung freedom fighters are strong, vibrant-and female.