Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well, that's why they call it "ta-kill-ya"!

The Legend of Sasquatch 
By William T. Prince

 Prince tells a tale of "Sasquatch", not your typical 19 year old, caught between following his heart to become a cop, and some of the more unpleasant experiences he has found himself in the middle of, which despite his size, he is not sure he has the stomach for.  Set in the 1970's in Dallas, Prince tells an interesting story, with humor, and a decent attempt to make Sasquatch an unique protagonist.  "The Legend of Sasquatch" has a 93%, 5-star rating on Amazon.   

Product Description: 
Man or beast?  The same question asked about the mythical Sasquatch might be asked regarding its namesake, young Texan Clint Buchanan ("Buck Hannon")

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