Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Suicide & 29,700,00,000 missing??

Treachery in Turtle Bay 
(A conspiracy thriller)
G.Hugh Bodell 

A 100%, 5-star rating on Amazon


“You can’t go out that way this morning, Mr. Masterson.”

This surprise restriction came from Mike, one of the security guys who protected the inhabitants of my apartment building on East 46th Street in New York City, about half a city block from the headquarters building of the United Nations.

I was about to take the shortcut to my office, in the fifteen-floor building owned by the Government of Uganda and housing the Ugandan Mission to the United Nations. My small contingent of consultants was occupying two floors in the building while we restructured the operations of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund over the preceding four plus years.

The service entrance to my building opened into a small park surrounded on three sides by high-rise apartments and East 45th street on the fourth side. My office was literally across the street.

“Why Mike, some group demonstrating?” I retorted. The area was constantly in turmoil being the assembly point of every group in the world with a gripe.

“You might say that Mr. M, some guy jumped out of the 20th floor of the building next door, wow, that’s almost in line with your windows. I guess you didn’t see anything?”

I made the mistake of looking past Mike, through the open door and into the park.

Apparently, the cleanup had not yet been completed, or possibly not yet begun. I could see the body bag on the ground next to one of the benches, but there were still small pools of blood on and around the bench. I saw small clumps of what possibly were pieces of his brain or some other body parts. I concluded this because they were circled in yellow chalk marks on the stone surface of the park.

More to clear my brain of the vision, I looked up to the trees in the park only to see what looked like a light colored silken robe. It was ripped but much of it had stuck in the branches of the fifty-foot trees that were all over the small park.

Now who the hell puts on a silk robe to jump out the twentieth story window of their apartment?

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