Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hot Monkey Sex

An Unexpected Obsession
By Heidi Hall  

      Heidi Hall's prose brings back those good ol' teenager feelings towards our crush mixed with adult desires of steamy sex and so much more.  Told in a first person perspective, with at times, too many reflective "inner-self" type of questions, Hall tells a story that has played in many of our imaginations at one time or another.  That is the one where our celebrity crush actually wants us back. 
      "An Unexpected Obsession" currently has a 100%, 5-star review status.  There is a rather lengthy, 5 chapter sample available at Amazon, which ultimately hooked me and led to my purchase.  Definitely worth checking out!   
Product Description:

At thirty-five, Ava Scott has settled nicely into her quiet life. Successful author, college professor, what does it matter if she doesn't get out much? Passion really is overrated, isn’t it? Everything in her life is running smoothly until Cameron walks into her classroom.

Twenty-five and the biggest movie star to hit the big screen in years, Cameron Sloane has it all; Looks, fame, women, money. So why does his life feel like just another role he’s playing? Can a chance encounter with a shy bookworm awaken his sleeping heart?

Can Cameron break down the carefully constructed walls Ava has built? Can Ava survive Cameron’s overwhelming fame and having her life exposed in the tabloids? Will he find the life he never realized was all he really wanted? Will she discover a dream she has been too afraid to wish for?

Sex, love, betrayal: It all begins with an unexpected obsession.

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